Deadmau5 is no stranger when it comes to giving his best-loved track a makeover. Over the years ‘Strobe’ has received dozens of official remixes, including an epic eight-minute edit that Joel Zimmerman himself dropped last year as part of his label mau5trap’s 100th release celebrations.

But it appears the Canadian producer is now working on something entirely different. During a recent Twitch live stream, Deadmau5 showed off a ‘Strobe’ rework that sees the dance track rebuilt entirely with orchestral strings.

Unfortunately for us, he only let the edit play through for a single minute before he shut it off, joking “Yep that’s all you get.”

We have no idea whether the edit will ever officially see the light of day, but there is a chance it could be released as part of a film score. Moments before he hit play on the rework, Zimmerman admitted he wanted to do more work with films, before saying: “Speaking of which, here’s some shit you haven’t heard yet.”

So who knows, perhaps this ‘Strobe’ edit could be heading to a cinema near you. Listen to it below (it starts at the 1.20 mark.). 2017 for Deadmau5 had a lot of things, including  the physical altercation backstage at a festival in Calgary with LA producer Carnage, insane two hour mix and news that the Deadmau5 will be hosting his own podcast in 2018 is real reason to celebrate among his many devotees the world over.

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