Whoever thought it was a good idea to put two of dance music’s most incendiary personalities on the same bill last weekend is probably getting their arse kicked right now.

Canadian superstar Deadmau5 and LA producer Carnage allegedly got involved in a physical altercation backstage at a festival in Calgary over the weekend, with both DJs claiming the other “threatened” and “shoved” them.

As Deadmau5 alleges, Carnage was waiting backstage to confront him before he walked on stage for his set. “[Carnage’s] set was finished 40 minutes ago, but he chose to hang out there with his little buddies and a camera man because he knew I’d be making my way there at some point,” Deadmau5 wrote in a statement on Reddit.

“He makes a fucking dash in front of my security dude (stupid idea) to shove his dumb fucking ass in my face to yell ‘OH WHAT’S UP JOEL WHAT’S UP’. Of course I just kept walking, and (my) security dude, Drew, put his arm out to keep that fucking moron out of my face.

“As I continued up the stairs, I could hear the fray behind me… Carnage made the stupid mistake of pushing a security guy… yeah. Dumb. And then a whole shitload of event security more or less got involved because he was acting like such a fucking baby, screaming threats, being an all around disrespectful piece of shit asshat.

 “I just sat on the stairs of my cube and watched…my only regret was that him or his posse didn’t get knocked the fuck out for pushing those security dudes.”

Unsurprisingly, Carnage has a very different interpretation of what went down. He responded in a lengthy vid on his Snapchat, alleging that it was Mau5 that started the scuffle.

“I had just finished my set, he was playing after me,” Carnage said. “I said ‘What’s up Joel? You got anything to say to me?’ Because his tour manager was talking shit to Fresco. And then he tried to shove me — what a scared little bitch.”

“He called like 80 fucking cops to come take me out. You’re a fucking pussy Deadmau5, I can’t wait to see what you come up with! I didn’t even fucking touch you — you’re a pathetic fucking bitch.”

“Guess what Joel, Deadmau5 — whatever you fucking call yourself. I’m gonna be here at the next festival, I’ll be at the next festival, I’m not going anywhere.”

Carnage also claimed to have a video of the incident — which allegedly shows Deadmau5 to be the aggressor — but the video has yet to surface.

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