Underground Resistance affiliate Mark Flash has hit out at some fans who have accused “Mad” Mike Banks of selling out for joining forces with Carhartt for a new clothing line.

The collection was announced last week and drew criticism from some fans who declared that Banks had sold out.

That could be further from the truth according to Mark Flash who explained that Banks and the rest of the crew have been wearing the clothing brand since the ’80s and therefore the collaboration is a natural fit.

“Been using Carhart since the 80’s for Construction, Truck Driving and Auto Mechanic work. They are considered work clothes for most of us here in Detroit,” explained Flash via his Facebook page.

“Don’t forget Detroit is a working-class city, full of blue-collar citizens and we like to get our hands dirty. I can almost guarantee that Mike is wearing Carhart right now at this moment.

“Some of you muthafuckas don’t know that Mike is a mechanic and still does construction on a daily basis. So those of you yakking on about selling out can suck the shit outta my ass!

“Some of us do more than just DJ and make music.”

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