Top 10 mixes of the week 34 on INSOMNIAFM, based on listener tune.
Congratulations to all the shows, artists involved in week 34 of airing in 2017.

Radau Deluxe
Into Deep Sessions 057
Radau Deluxe Into Deep Sessions 057
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Roy Malloy & D-Formation
Deep Senses 051
Roy Malloy & D-Formation Deep Senses 051
The Uno. Label Radio Show 019
Deviant\'z The Uno. Label Radio Show 019
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Seven Wells & Deeparture
Variable Frequencies 043
Seven Wells & Deeparture Variable Frequencies 043
Lucas Zielaskiewicz
TrancEsition 049
Lucas Zielaskiewicz TrancEsition 049
Francesco Mon
Insomniafm Podcast 099
Francesco Mon Insomniafm Podcast 099
Andrea Roberto
Deep In My House 183
Andrea Roberto Deep In My House 183
Devil Side 057
DIKKU Devil Side 057
Tino Deep
Deep Visions 093
Tino Deep Deep Visions 093
Robbie Jay
Moonvibes 088
Robbie Jay Moonvibes 088
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