Some heartbreaking news for the music festival emerged late last week. Neverland Themepark Projects, one of the principal designers for the iconic stages of Tomorrowland has declared bankruptcy and is no longer active. The design company was, in part, responsible for the incredible stages at Tomorrowland including The Book of Wisdom as well as the underwater themed Planaxis from last year. The company released an official statement on the shutdown which read :

“We want to thank you for the years of cooperation and trust. This message will come in hard; we are well aware of that. With our whole team we have been fighting until the last minute, but due to a combination of circumstances, we are forced to close the doors of Neverland definitively. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience that we may cause you.”

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It is a sad day for the Tomorrowland family. That being said the festival has come out explaining to attendees that the closure of the design firm will not affect the festival much at all. While Neverland certainly helped the overall image of the main stages, the Tomorrowland vision is so broad it could never be handled by one company alone.

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