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The Cello: An Instrument That Improves Mental Health

The conspicuous cello with its harmonious tones has been around for ages. As an important member of the orchestra, the cello creates balance amongst its musical counterparts as it produces a rich and smooth sound. It definitely stands out! Did you know that the cello can also help provide balance in your life? Yes, it’s true! Playing this instrument is not only an amazing pastime and profession, it simultaneously improves your mental health. Here are several reasons why the cello is a great form of mental therapy: 

  1. The melodic sounds of the cello provide your body with relaxation and calms the mind. It is the perfect way to unwind after a long day!
  2. The cello is known to be a challenging instrument to play. When a player improves his/her skills and techniques, the individual feels a sense of achievement. Moreover, this instrument helps to boost self-esteem and confidence.
  3. The cello is commonly performed alongside other musicians. Therefore, cello players usually form camaraderie with fellow musicians and feel more connected with a large community of artists.
  4. Playing the cello is somewhat a form of exercise involving your back and arm muscles. That being said, hormones that uplift your mood are released as you practice the instrument.
  5. Though it is considered as a form of exercise, playing the cello is not as strenuous as other instruments. You can hold it, sit back, and relax as you conduct your piece. This is the reason why many old cellists are still capable of performing!
  6. In addition, the cello community is not as competitive as there are only a few individuals that practice such as compared to other string or orchestra instruments like the violin or the piano. With that, there is not as much pressure to compete with others or to compare oneself to fellow cellists.

The cello is indeed a wonderful instrument. Besides producing and accompanying some of the most amazing pieces in orchestra history, it is also a friend that nourishes your mind and soul. Furthermore, playing the cello is a great stress-reliever and one that can be practiced in the comfort of one’s home and space. It does not only bring life to an orchestra, but also aids in enriching different aspects of an individual’s life. If you haven’t tried playing the cello yet, now might be a great time for you to get started!