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Spotify is being sued by $1.6 billion over copyright infringement

Spotify is being sued by Wixen Music Publishing for an eye-watering $1.6 billion over copyright infringement, it has been revealed. Wixen Music Publishing looks after the rights of countless artists including Tom Petty, Neil Young, Weezer, the Black Keys, Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, and many more.

The lawsuit accuses the Swedish streaming giant of using songs found in Wixen’s extensive catalog without the necessary licenses.

In a statement, Wixen’s CEO Randall Wixen said: “We’re just asking to be treated fairly. We are not looking for a ridiculous punitive payment.

“But we estimate that our clients account for somewhere between 1% and 5% of the music these services distribute”.

He also took a shot at the company’s use of lavish offices around the world and “outrageous” annual salaries in the statement, too.

“Spotify has more than $3 billion in annual revenue and pays outrageous annual salaries to its executives and millions per month for ultra-luxurious office space in various cities.”

The lawsuit stems from an initial $43 million settlement offer made by Spotify last year which was rejected. According to Spotify’s lawyers, the contracts that Wixen holds with songwriters doesn’t give them permission to pursue legal action on the artist’s behalf.