Night City

SU SANNA, a.k.a Angry Suzy, is a Music producer & DJ, whose love for electronic music flourished when she heard the upbeat tunes of Bomfunk MC’s “Freestyler” in 1999. A couple of decades and many hobbies later, she finally decided to learn music production and dived into the universe of Ableton, producing melodic techno & progressive house tracks. In 2022, Susanna launched her Record Label- Hidden Portal Records. 

Alias “Angry Suzy” was born out of her love & desire to dabble in breakbeat & electronica. Susanna calls her genre “Gamer Music”, as she is an avid gamer and Anime fan, and is often inspired by synthy gaming sounds, transporting the listener into fantasy worlds of adventure.

Night City show explores the electronic sounds of the night. A metropolis that never really sleeps, hides a lot of mysteries and secrets waiting for you to find.

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