Loose Tapes 039 – June 2024

  1. Majestic x The Jammin Kid x Celine Dion ‘Set My Heart On Fire (I’m Alive x And The Beat Goes On)’ (Extended Mix) [Columbia Records]
  2. Juicy Lemon Club, Roisto – 21. Night of May (Roisto Remix)
  3. ALA.NI ‘One Heart’ (Ash Walker & Laville Remix) [NØ FORMAT!]
  4. Phoebe Killdeer & The Short Straws ‘The Fade Out Line’ (You Man Remix) [Kwaidan Records]
  5. Budakid ‘Lovin’ Sun’ (Original Mix) [Flores]
  6. Claudio Ricci – Breaking Inside (Buba Remix) [RAFT MUSIC]
  7. Haulm ‘Leashes’ (Extended Mix) [House Of Youth]
  8. Martin Eyerer & Namito ‘Can’t Stop Me ft. Emil Romer’ (Dub) [Embassy One]
  9. TWENTY SIX & Jenn Morel ‘Bidi Bam’ (Extended Mix) [Spinnin’ Records]
    10 . Jayli ‘Come Around’ (Original Mix) [Jagged Jungle]
  10. LEGATO ‘Harmony’s Embrace’ (Extended Mix) [LEGATO]
  11. A.D.O.R.’Young World’ (Smokey Bubblin’ B Remix) [Weapons]
  12. Adelphi Music Factory ‘Always Needed’ ft MOYA (The AMF Club Mix) [Beat Factory]
  13. Disclosure ‘She’s Gone, Dance On’ (Extended Mix) [Disorder Records]
  14. Biscits x Max Mylo ‘Dominator’ (Extended Mix) [Armada Music]
  15. Van Derand – Kiesi
  16. Allegra ‘Love You Right Back’ (Reza Remix) [Radikal Records]

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