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Seth Troxler: “We want to make dreams possible”

Ahead of his debut Tuskegee Cuttin Headz  label party with the Martinez Brothers at DC10 on Friday, Seth Troxler speaks about giving minority artists a platform through his label, leaving London and being 18.

Where are you right now?
Seth Troxler: I’m based in Ibiza now after leaving London and Berlin. It will be my first winter here too, so I’m looking forward to checking it out.

What are you most excited about for Friday’s party? 
Playing with the Bro’s for a long time. We never get to play for a very long time on the Terrace [like on Friday] so it will be awesome.

Describe your friendship with the Martinez Brothers?
I’m like the third brother! Or the older cousin! I’ve known them for about six years, so we are like family.

Tell us about the origins of Tuskegee? Wasn’t the label originally started to showcase black artists who you felt were under represented in dance music?
I wouldn’t say it’s just for black artists, but for people of minority. The Martinez Brothers and I realised there weren’t that many minority artists being given a platform.

We were all able to escape various social traps of the places that we’re from and have these amazing lives because we were given a chance with music. So we wanted to inspire young people of colour who are into dance music to get out there with the rest of the world and make their dreams possible.

The record label is inclusive for everyone: the Middle East, Turkey…all over the world. The idea is that we are all minorities, and we can all contribute creativity and break down these social walls.

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source: ibiza voice