Hasha Mercy is a music producer/Dj born in Paris, influenced by the Bristol Trip Hop and World Music scenes. He began making music inspired by numerous life experiences abroad, experimenting with the fusion of different styles. After several years working in the Brighton and London club scene, going for harder Techno beats seemed obvious.

Keeping his love for dark wavy melodies/vocals, and knowing the importance of strong hooks, his style would evolve into a progressive trip from deep techno/house/world-oriented to darker and crazier spheres.

Insomniafm Podcast 127
Hasha Mercy
Insomniafm Podcast 127 Hasha Mercy
1.Brian cid - Petalos sole (Original mix)
2.Dansor and Ghost wars - It would take an army (Kassette remix)
3.Hidden Empire - Sierra (Original mix)
4.Yotto - Nova (Original mix)
5.Ost & Kjex - Kaputt (Karmon remix)
6.Stan Kolev - Ahminsa (Original mix)
7.Fuenka - Bogano (Original mix)
8.Matan Caspi - Spacing (Original mix)
9.Stan Kolev - Higher Collective (Original mix)
10.Patrice Baumel - Roar (Adana Twins remix)
11.Oliver Huntemann - Tranquilizer ( Christian Craken remix)
12.Julian Wassermann, Florian Kruze - Gotland (Original mix)
13.Thomas Schumacher, Victor Ruiz - Intuit (Original mix)
14. Luca Agnelli - Oceanus (Original mix)


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