Max Margolin started to develop his passion in 2003 by improving his mixing skills and performed as a guest DJ on different radio stations. From 2007 till 2013 he hosted a radio show in collaboration with his mate and partner – Jadeck with such respected guests like Moshic, Espen, Elusive, Brisker & Magitman, Alucard and more.

Since 2012 Max participated in different projects and performances. One of the exciting experiences was a participation in open air line around the country. While being influenced by various producers and styles, Max Margolin developed his own conception of true progressive sound. He always strives to reach a higher levels as a DJ and producer.

Insomniafm Podcast 117
Max Margolin
Insomniafm Podcast 117 Max Margolin
01. Ezequiel Arias, Artfaq - Babel (Original Mix)
02. Max Margolin - Silent Winds (Teig Rmx)
03. Anton Borin - Andromeda (Montw Remix)
04. ID - ID
05. Nasser Tawfik, Sione (SP) - Elevate (Original Mix)
06. Max Margolin - Aureola (Original Mix)
07. Sebastian Sellares - Epiphany in the Woods (Original Mix)
08. Max Margolin - Moon Illusion (Stage Van H Trick of the Light Mix)
09. Ampish - Sunrise (Original Mix)
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