Creativity and energy is what it’s all about for charismatic DJ Yves Eaux from Amsterdam. (Pronounce as ‘Eve-O’). Jetting as a DJ globally from New York to New Delhi. From Moscow to Miami. From exclusive film premieres to massive sport arena’s. Hammering house, tech house and funky techno. A carefully selected mix of today’s electronic music which can be only found left from the center and straight from under the radar.

In January 2013 Yves Eaux started his monthly radio show Evolution by Yves Eaux. Broadcasted by a dozen of popular global (web) radio stations, but first time is airing on Insomniafm.

Yves Eaux
Insomniafm Podcast 108
Yves Eaux Insomniafm Podcast 108
01. Daniel Sanchez – The Awakening (Witty Tunes)
02. Yves Eaux & Nick Fay – FAAAK! (Black Hole Recordings)
03. Yves Eaux & Ruslan Cross – The Rhythm (BDR Music)
04. Yves Eaux & Ruslan Cross – Stellenbosch (Black Hole Recordings)
05. DJose Elenko & Tony Carrillo – Funkytown
06. Yves Eaux – La Terrazza (Asymmetric Records)
07. Yves Eaux & Nick Fay – The Endzone (Natura Viva)
08. Iban Reus – Thank You (Groovy Mix)
09. Yves Eaux & Ruslan Cross – Dance All Night (City Lights Music)
10. Tocadisco – The Groove
11. Joris Voorn – Goodbye Fly
12. Yves Eaux & Ruslan Cross – Womanzing (Supermarket Records)
13. Rio Del Duna – Napicho (Groove Salvation & Charlie Spot Remix) (Supermarket Records)
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