The first one called ‘Only 4 Believers’ was out by the end of 2006. Including Progressive/Tech House Second and most successful called ‘Electro Caretaker’ was released in the summer of 2008. includes Progressive/Tech/Deep House, that compilation has been released with different names: as podcast it was ‘Electro Caretaker’ as commercial product it was sold out worldwide with the name ‘WEMIX 105’-‘Progressive House The Netherlands’ Track ‘The Phoenix’ have been released also as E.P. (with 6 aditional tracks) on all major Music Digital platforms worldwide Including ‘Itunes’,’Juno Digital’,’Amazon Mp3′, ‘Track It Down’ e.t.c. That E.P. Includes: The ‘Phoenix’ – Radio The ‘Phoenix’ – Hypnotic Disco Remix The ‘Phoenix’ – Cosmic Ambience The ‘Phoenix’ – Cosmic Blues Mix The ‘Phoenix’ – Hypnotic Build’n’Dub Remix The ‘Phoenix’ – Cosmic Dub Remix ‘E.C.F.M.’ – Kaiser’s Disco Tool By the end of 2007 Kaiser Gayser had successfully launched series of podcasts called ‘Somewhere’ or ‘PIPI Media Podcast’ Those podcasts made as ‘Premixed Compilations/DJ Set’ and includes Progressive House, Minimal, Tech, Club and Deep House tracks from the best artists and producers from all around the globe.

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