Vladimir Zivolic was born 1982. in Rovinj, Croatia. He falled in love with electronic music as late as a little boy,and with thirteen years old he began going to parties.Soon after that he discovers his interest in Djing so he starts buying his first records . In high school starts playing in local bars, but his first serious gig was in 1999. His music influences were all Djs from golden time of Wiggle. From 2002. he started organizing parties and playing in all local clubs in his native city, Istra and wider. He merged music styles from house and techhouse , up to techno and minimal. Today his sets are usually based on minimal deep tech.

Manuel Ugulin aka Abnormal Boy born in 1986. From an early age he started to love music, with his dad he listened to rock such as : Pink Floyd,The Doors, Yes,King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin,Bad Company, Uriah Heep….At the age of eight, he got his first turntable Tosca 20. In 1997, Manuel started to listen to electronic music, following purchases of techno compilations such as Future Trance, Technodrome, Trance Nation… Since 2002 he has actively played at private parties and in 2004 he bought his first dj equipment. From 2006 Manuel started to be a resident dj in Max Magnus (Pazin, CRO). While his preferred music style is techno, he recently started playing deep techno style on 4 decks & EFX…

If you would like to know more about Vladimir Zivolic and Abnormal Boy on theirs upcoming tour dates and releases, please visit the following: Facebook of Vladimir Zivolic / Facebook of Abnormal Boy 

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