Dino Rastoder a.k.a Dino R was born in 1992, in Bar, city on the coast of Montenegro. As a boy he began to be interested in electronic music and soon after that he felt in love with massive techno sound. In 2012 he decided to take DJing more seriously and already in 2013 he started to play on some private parties. He is one of the youngest DJ’s in Montenegro.

In 2014 with his friends Mladen Banovic (Mtech), Stevan Horvat (Ankti), Strahinja Djorjdevic (Technose) started to organize private and underground parties all around Montenegro. They supported and joined the “New wave” of underground parties which started to spread in almost every city in Montenegro. His music and sets are fulfilled with a mix of different techno genres and abounds with energetic, dirty and dark tones.

If you would like to know more about Dino R and his upcoming tour dates and releases, please visit the following: Facebook

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