Boral Kibil was born in Strasburg, France on 23rd of March 1985. With his interest in electronical music, Boral Kibil started to deal with production in his career lately and, with many music company and in many styles he took a step into music markets in 2010, who created many tracks in progressive house and deep house styles, aimed to carry his musical quality to higher levels by working with professional producters. So that, by the effect of his expanding neighborhood, his sets have released and played at certain radios in Europe, and still continues.

In 2012, some of his projects are supported by famous djs like Matt Darey and Markus Schulz and gave him a place in their sets. Boral Kibil, who consolidating his position in underground music world, has worked and still working with Armada Music, Deepsession Recordings, Mistique Music, Dark Pleasure Records, Underground City Music, One Sound Records, A B P, Acunadeep, Panda Recordings, Carica Records. Boral, advancing step by step for his purposes, always works for being better.

If you would like to know more about Boral Kibil and his upcoming tour dates and releases, please visit the following sites: Facebook / Beatport

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