Eve Novoa loved electronic music so much and started to mixing since 1994. He was invited to many parties to mix like Plant BajaJueves, The Bar Americas, Trance Vision, Andromeda, Lime Fest! DJ in places like Puerto Vallarta Zoo and the Amsterdam resident in the latter part of multiple events like the concert at La Paloma Plaza de toro with Gordo Garza in the same city for Mayan Palace chain and he’ve also come to introduce in the ’96 at the Roxy cultural center with DJ ‘s as Kenneth Graham, Alexandro Davila and Jorge HM and Martin Parra!

Eve Novoa also worked for private events such as what is tequila Centennial in 2003 and took up his career of music on high levels and gives him great pleasure to express who he is. Find more information about the artist from Facebook

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