Currently residing in her home town of Bucharest in Romania, a place that has lots of potential for the music that she promotes, and declares that Romania feels right now a bit like how Berlin was in the beginning of the whole music scene so decided to just actually be part of the emerging Techno scene and moved back to Bucharest from crazy Amsterdam, were she first started doing this.

Sabatine is just a kid when it comes to playing and producing music and launched this project actually not even 2 years ago, but evolved into this beautiful fresh blossom as the sound that she promotes is a beautiful mixture and can make the audience drift trough the dark modern minimalism so that she can convey them safe and sound into the light, denotes that her name is never far from the lips of perceptive clubbers and artists alike.

A being of future Sabatine performs using digital technology which makes her style more versatile than ever and you will be surprised by the technicality reflected in her performances weather is live or using Traktor. Step into Sabatine’s universe and witness your awakening. Find more about the artist from Facebook

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