Hernan SN is part of the Argentine duo Funtek Dj’s. Funtek Dj’s is a project borned from the friendship and passion for the electronic music of Hernan SN and Alejandro Moraglio. Well known figures of the electronic environment of their country, they joined as a duo for their passion of the music.

Hernan SN is taking his first steps as producer and he had already made a several collaborations with colleagues. He has a restless spirit, always is looking forward fr grow as a progessional artist. Hernan studied with the bests Dj’s and producers, like LIKE LADIES ON MARS (DEFINITION RECORDS, BRYZANT, WHIRPOOL SEX, BUY YOU SELL ME, XELA DIGITAL) Y JUAN ZOLBARÁN (TIME HAS CHANGED , LITTLE HELPERS, KINA MUSIC, ARJAUS). Find more information about the artist from Facebook

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