Known as Junitoshi, born in Prishtina on the 25th of March 1988, started producing when i was 15. During that time i made a duo with his childhood friend Noyd called VEGA. At that time we produced a lot of tech-house tracks, but we decided to take they’re own ways but still remaining in partnership. At the moment i released my tracks in DeepSessions and SGM and also working on a lot of more tracks with my childhood friend Noyd.

He hosted a show called Retrospectives on Insomniafm, and also his sets were streamed on Pure.FM and Frisky Radio (Frisky Loves Kosova, Deep Visions Anniversary, Eternal Anniversary and much more). His productions was charted by many famous artists, his latest EP called Shinin’ Star will be out in September 2013 by Insomniafm, including remixes from No Sonic Limits and CJ Art!

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