Combine forces, so you don’t have to worry about weaknesses”. Erwin Garcia and Etienne Geurts started out as individual dj/producers. They both know how to make music and how to spin records. It’s just that Etienne knows his way around the studio a lot better and Erwin is the better deejay. Instead of focusing on their weak points they decided in 2011 to combine their forces, making their strong points even stronger. From then on they started working on becoming the new Electro/House DJ duo that should amaze the world pretty soon.

They are supported by national and international DJs Chuckie, Laidback Luke, Thomas Gold (GER), EDX, Tony Moran (US), Roog, Baggi Begovic, Issy, Michael Mendoza, Mitchell Niemeyer, Kay Wilder, Gabi and more will follow soon. They are mainly focusing on productions and this is working out well for now. An official remix for American Popstar Anastacia and a release with American / Nigerian Rising star Nenna Yvonne are just the beginning. Find more about the artist from Facebook

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