Morten Hampenberg had his big breakthrough in Denmark back in 1999. His first single ”Grab That Thing” was #1 on all important charts and reached gold status in sales. 70.000 albums of his debut album was sold, and it gave him his first platinum record. After that Morten had an even bigger hit with the track ”Ducktoy”, which was a huge club smasher in almost every corner of the globe. In Spain the yellow duck went straight to #1 on the sales chart and it resulted in one of the wickedest live experiences for Morten in Barcelona, where almost 40.

Alexander Brown gained worldwide attention with his collab with Pitbull and FatmanScoop called ‘Raise The Roof’. This summer, Busta Rhymes will add even more attention to this Danish DJ. In his homecountry he allready filled up his pockets with 9 Golden and 4 Platinum selling singles and he is nominated for Best Danish DJ for the 4th year in a row. Started his DJ carreer at the age of 15 and always had the image of being a bit of rebel. Brown rocks the decks like Slash plays guitars. His livesets are exciting and full of surprising bootlegs, the craziest mashups and his personal bombastic sound that fits stadiums as well as clubs. He knows to find the balance between heavy synths and uplifting vocals, which makes him a popular DJ amongst both sexes.

As a DJ he was part of the Ministry of Sound Tour, performed at RAW (Copenhagen) and left his trademark in every club of the country. The collabs with Pitbull and Busta Rhymes open the gates to the rest of the world. With ‘Raise The Roof’ (and his personal remix) Brown has raised the bar for many other DJ’s and sets an example in his homecountry. Being the CEO of his own recordcompany, Cutbrook, makes him a well respected rebel in the world of glitter and glamour.

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