No stranger to the music business, several years served a…t Sony BMG gave Kramnik a solid grounding and an affirmation to his cause, working with ‘real musicians’ such as Garbage, The Eurythmics and even a rather bizarre appearance on stage with Five! However the corporate game wasn’t without its frustrations and he soon jumped ship to the EDM industry, following his personal interests.

Kramnik began promoting and booking acts under Static Sound System (SSS) at the famed 19th Century Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. It was here he inherited an insatiable thirst for story telling, accredited from being a frequent bystander to DJ’s such as John Digweed and Kevin Saunderson. A quiet study of their iconic mixing techniques and crowd manipulation gave further ambition to his tireless quest of “perfection” – already surpassed in the eyes of David Atkinson over at M-Audio.

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