A relatively new name to some he may very well be, but Italy’s Gai Barone has a much longer history in dance music than you might think.

Rapidly caught up in his country’s embryonic electronic dance sound, he watched its influence spread quickly around the world. A year later he started to DJ, initially concentrating his energies inside the country and playing a mix of early progressive twinned with techno that was coming over from the States.

It was at this point that a catalyzing factor was needed in Gai’s career and those stars aligned with his signing to Plastic Angel’s Afterglow imprint and the subsequent release of ‘Lilith’. A trancer of remarkable depth and sophistication, it received the 5/5 ‘Money Shot’ accolade in DJ Magazine, who called it “audio-excellence” and said it delivered a “lump-in-the-throat climax”.

Backed by a remix from Jerome Isma Ae, it was greeted with plaudits by DJs around the world, became a Beatport sensation and undisputedly went on to become Gai Barone’s world-stage calling card.

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