Moshic Shlomi, also known as MoShic (or Mo-Shic) and Argonout, also forms one half of the duos Moshic da Silva (with Rui da Silva), Remosh (with Rene Vidal), Moshic & OMB and Moshic & Zidan.

MoShic, an Israeli national, is a producer whose pieces thrill thousands of progressive house fans. He grew up in a family of musicians, but not everything in his life inclined towards cheerful singing.

At the age of 18, he was enlisted to the Israeli National Service, where as a medic, he had to deal with death everyday. Soldiers brought from Lebanon were dying right in front of his eyes. Continuous suicide attacks and living on a time bomb made Moshic understand that the most important thing in life is to seize the day.

When he finished paying his debts to the country, he decided to devote himself completely to electronic music. He fell in love with progressive, which wasn’t too popular at that time in Israel. He was handing out his mixes wherever he could, but the scene ignored his “too dark” style. Disillusioned, he moved to New York – the city where John Digweed and Sasha were spinning records in Twilo, and Moshic’s progressive darkness finally found a susceptible breeding ground.

MoShic released his first singles under the Argonout guise. Argonout was Moshic’s first project and saw releases through Cyber records (NL).

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