Respected and acknowledged as one of the House Music innovators, Raoul Russu is a legend in his own right, who has helped to reshape the future of Dance scene as we know it!
Raoul was born in Mehedinti, Romania in 1968, but moved early age to Bucharest.
Starting out as a DJ in 1999, Raoul soon developed new skills that led him into producing records, which he released on romanian major labels. The first musical vynil ever produced in Romania was signed by Raoul and released in 100 copies in the year 2000.

After years of development, Raoul is a familiar name across the Romanian club circuit playing the very best venues and events like world-famous LaMania, Kristal and Karma. A frequent special guest to festivals, Raoul has participated in several events with the most respected figures of dance music.

He is considered an incredibly versatile DJ, with a deep understanding of the roots of dance music. His ability to read a crowd and to direct an atmosphere clearly demonstrates his gift for knowing what to play, and when.
In 2009 Raoul is back in the studio working on new productions, focusing on the development of electronic music’s revolution and ongoing struggle to be acknowledged as the sound of tomorrow.

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