He was only five years old when he first tried to mix a Michael Jackson tape with a Beatles one using a double cassette recorder… unfortunately the Jacko tape got erased and he was severely grounded!

Ten years later, at the age of 15 Vali BARBULESCU started his career as a DJ. This time using legendary SL1200 MKII. One year later he got three monthly residencies at Club Hippodrome, Graffiti and Chrome, the best romanian locations at that time.
Then… a lot of gigs for important venues/events across Romania and also worldwide.

Three years ago he played in the opening of the finest romanian club : Kristal Glam Club. Zames Zabiela, ATB, Roger Sanchez, Satoshi Tomiie are just a few names he played along with. In 2004 at Miami WMC he decided to launch his own label : Valio Records.

Productions like “Addicted”, “Hong Kong” and the new “Focaccia” received great support from many wellknown DJs worldwide. He was voted at the best romanian DJ two years in a row. He started to work for a local radio station for his ambition to reproduce the club atmosphere in FM.
Later on he was infected by the television virus and hosted several shows for MTV and TVR1. He said in a recent interview : “music is my vision and my photography is music”

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