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Andrey Pushkarev – Insomniafm Podcast 002

Andrey Pushkarev is hailing from Russia’s beautiful and inspiring city of Izhevsk, the central part of country, which probably is one of the reasons why he drops such fresh and unusial beats. Born in on the 2 st of March in 1981, he started to play music when fourteen, acting as a dj at school radio. That time Izhevsk was one of the main cities in Russian electronic scene. It gave Andrew possibility to initiate into it at a very early age: his first gig was in club at 1996, at the age of fifteen. Since then than music and a life are inseparable.

After moving to Moscow at 2000 Andrey had started his own way in music industry: he became one of the few main record dealers in town. Working for a German based company, he controls most of the records that arrives to the city. Contributing all Moscow’s top dj’s Andrey continues to create his own collection of rare, classic and quality beats from all over the world, based on different house and techno styles.

2006 year became a turning – point in Andrey’s life. He started to play at Deepmix Moscow Radio. In 2007 Deepmix had started series of every-weekend events at Mini-bar. In February 2008, parties transformed into the every Friday – Saturday events at Paparazzi club. For now it is the best place for after party in Moscow. Andrey is a main headliner at almost every Deepmix party. In the past three years Deepmix was holding many events all over Russia, Europe and South America..