It’s no secret that Top 100 DJs winner Martin Garrix loves to collaborate with other artists — and with that in mind, Garrix recently shared a snap of himself and David Guetta in the studio together leading many to wonder whether a new collaboration on the cards?

It’s obviously way too early to say whether a new track between the two EDM giants is incoming but it’s not the first time the pair have worked on a track together.

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They famously created a track which also featured Ellie Goulding on vocals, which Garrix subsequently played out at a festival before even playing it to Goulding or her management.

They obviously weren’t too happy about being kept out of the loop and forced the Dutch producer to remove Goulding’s vocals from it as a punishment.

That then led to a tit-for-tat argument between the two on Twitter, with Garrix blaming Goulding and Goulding seemingly blaming her management, admitting that she actually really liked the song.

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Hopefully, whatever Garrix and Guetta are cooking up this time won’t go the same way.


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