The first solo EP of Luigi Rocca & Jadele on Heinz Music. ‘Muse’ is a real dance floor smasher, with a bass full of energy, while ‘From Outer Womb’ is taking you on a groovy journey with its catchy vocals and deep synth sounds. Pavel Petrov is showing his version of ‘Muse’ delivering a real Tech House bomb in his signature style. Uone & Out of Sorts are taking ‘From Outer Womb’ into a more melodic direction, perfectly suited for the late hours.

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  • Muse (Original Mix)
  • Muse (Pavel Petrov Remix)
  • From Outer Womb (Original Mix)
  • From Outer Womb (Uone & Out of Sorts Remix)

RELEASE DATE 2017-08-07
LABEL Heinz Music

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