DJ and producer NDKj aka Andrea Quirico was born in 1981 in Novara (Italy). He became fascinated with electronical music – especially techno – at a young age and soon started djing himself. His first DJ appearance was in 1998 when he played in some smaller clubs and private parties in the North of Italy.

Hello Andrea can you introduce yourself to our fans ?
Hi guys,really glad to be the first guest into your radio show! I come from Italy , near Milan been into the music business from year I do and I did lot of nice projects into most of the nicest label into the scene from Toolroom to Defected, Emi, Great Stuff, Spinnin, Cr2 and of course my own label Heatflow!
I travel all over the world for gig thanks to all of you that support and love what I do.

So how did it all begin?
Well , it all begin almost more then 14 years ago , always loved music and I began to mix almost on 1999 and now I am here.

Where did the name come from?
ND is Andrea , the K is like key and J for DJ of course.

What give you that initial push?
Myself and my work..

Did the Djing, Production or Promoting come 1st?
Nowadays is a mix of production first and then a really good promotion

Which other countries have you played on?
Lucky me almost all the world ehehe,especially Asia,Europe and USA…I will go for the first time in Mexico on 17 May for Dance in the space festival… I miss Russia!

What was the first event you ever played at?
Eheheh outside Italy was on the 2007 into a place called Viper Room in Vienna,was super cool

What’s the best event you’ve played at?
There are a few but certainly ElectriCity in Skofja Loka Slovenia where I will play this year too and I really loved almost of all Asia’s gig in Indonesia at Embassy,Bandung and the latest in Taipei too at Room 18
When all the partying is over how do you like to chill out?
A like to sleep ahahaha

How come the idea to open the Heatflow Records?
I wanted to open my own labels because I wanted to create my own brand of music and to help also new comer cool producers that maybe big label don’t listen.

Funniest thing that ever happened at an event?
Someome forget to take my at the airport 😀

Other DJs you rate?
There are a lot of,for sure Mike Vale, Federico Scavo, Marco Lys, Hoxton Whores, Olav Basoski….all good guys!

Did we have to expect new music from you or some collaborations with other Artist?
Absolutely yes, I have a lot of bad ass collaboration coming out…with Hoxton Whores, Mike Vale, a follow up with Federico Scavo and many more.

Thanks for this Amazing Interview ! Do you want to say something about us and our show?
Thanks to you for all!…just be yourself and don’t give a f**k of what people say.

Interview taken by Nikolay Tsvetkov aka Nick Haze.

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