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Lets talk with Generik at Creamfields

Tyson O’Brien, better known as Generik, is an Australian DJ/Producer who has seen major growth in his recent career. He has been living it up working with Calvin Harris through his residencies in Las Vegas and now Ibiza. Generik has brought listeners party anthems like “The Weekend,” and continues to wow the EDM community with his high-energy attitude. We sat down with him after his set at Creamfields 2019 to discuss his journey and where he is headed:

You just played a killer set here at Creamfields. How was it? How do you feel?

Generik: It was amazing, man; it was my first time playing in the UK so I was extremely excited about it. I got to play my brand new single called “Bunny” which is coming out very very soon. It’s the first time I’ve played it out so it was a really good reaction, and it’s amazing to be able to play your own music at such a big festival like Creamfields.


I’d love to hear about your story, I mean you were discovered by Calvin Harris so can you tell me a little about that? How did that happen

Well we met a fair few years ago now, at a festival in Australia, Stereosonic, that I was working at. And then we just maintained a good friendship, and I was was lucky enough to warm up for him in all of his Vegas shows, and now I’m doing Ibiza residency with him as well which is great. He’s an awesome dude, an inspiration, and yeah it’s good to share the stage with him.

And you guys [Generik/Calvin Harris] are both working on Festival X together in Australia. What should we expect?

Yeah, it’s the same owners as Stereosonic so it’s version two, basically. It’s really really exciting I’ve been working on it and doing the lineup with the bosses back home, so it’s good to be a part of the festival. It’s looking really huge as you can see by the lineup. We’ve got guys like MK, who’s here today playing before Calvin, you’ve got Calvin of course, Second City, there are so many names to rail off but it’s something really exciting. It’s a good excuse to go back to Australia for the summer and to start the Australian summer off with a real big bang.



Do you still go back and perform a lot in Australia?

I try and go back for every summer because when it’s winter back in LA it gets a bit cold and rainy, and everyone hates the rain in LA. So it’s nice to get back to Australian summertime where it’s nice and hot and go play some shows for all my fellow Aussie mates.

So Generik, What else do you have planned for the weekend?

Tonight, I’m definitely going to be hitting the towns, seeing what’s out and about in Liverpool. And then flying back to Ibiza tomorrow, playing at Pacha with MK and Calvin on Tuesday nights. So, the work never ends; the fun never ends either. So I’ll be enjoying the rest of the festival, today, going to catch Peggy Gou a bit later on. Yeah just dance, get amongst it, and have some fun.

When did you start DJing and Producing?

I’ve been Doing for about ten years now, and producing for about five or six years. Yeah I just started to DJ so I could get into nightclubs for free, and now it’s my job. So I consider myself a very lucky person, and I’ve had an absolute ball. And, after all, I get to play my songs and other people’s to drunk people for a living, it’s an amazing job that’s for sure.

Is there anything else you’d like to say or promote?

Yeah, I’ve got a record label which I’ve been bubbling on, “You Do You,” which I’m really excited about. And then also my new single “Bunny” which is coming out very very soon, and heaps of more music so stay tuned. It’s all coming.