Cristian Varela has maintained for more than 20 years an excellent reputation within the international electronic music scene. One of the friendliest characters you´ll meet, his experience and innate talent have gained him a privileged position amongst his fellow peers within the electronic music scene, and is fast becoming one of Spain’s best exports and ambassador to the techno scene.

Cristian Varela has managed to find a perfect balance between the recording studio and his extensive tour schedules. His spectacular and energetic live mixing sets using three and four turntables at the same time are a unique performance to witness.Constantly keeping uptodate with new technologies, he is also one of the few Beta Testers for Pioneer International and was responsible for introducting Final Scratch at SONAR BCN. Since 1996 he is also a teacher at CEV-Madrid (School of Communication, Image and Sound).

Throughout his career Cristian Varela has been recognised with numerous awards given by respected organisations in the electronic music industry. Amongst them he was presented with Best Techno DJ at the DJ Awards, Ibiza in 2007, plus being voted Best Spanish DJ on many occasions by other organisations. In 2013 for the second time he was presented with the Techno DJ award, voted for by his fans.

We caught up with him to talk about his label and his upcoming gigs that is in the works.

What is the secret staying on top for so many years?
My passion for the music.

Do you have a choice when you set up your DJ sets or you don’t you care what you throw down?
I need to feel the energy of the people always before to start my sets.

How does playing in Romania, compare to other countries, and do you count Romania as one of your favorite spots?
Romania is one of my favorite places because of the culture of the persons who listen electronic and of course also because of their positivity when they are dancing with me.

What was your first break and first big record and did it set you on your path?
My first Break was with one of my first works for Sony Music Spain called “2 Spirits in one”. My BIG record was my remix from the 80s hit “let’s all chant” from Michael Zager’s Band. Sometimes I still playing this tune. Also my remix for SNAP.

What can you tell us about your label called Pornographic Recordings??
The most important thing that I can tell about Pornographic is that is one of the techno labels working year after year from 1999.

What kind of criteria do you have for choosing new artists?
I choose only the talented artists who make me feel special things when I listen their music.

Do you use an agency to promote your gigs, sets, releases??
Sure! Gigs and sets are promoted by my company and also Magnum. My releases are promoted by Press & Play PR

“Cristian Varela Radio Show” was charted many months by INSOMNIAFM, the best show based on listener tune, how do you feel??
Very well!!

Some words from your fans here at INSOMNIAFM??
I love you!

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