A decade, give or take, since Kaiser’s first made his mark. He comes in this month with a new album with edited tracks and also new stuff.

Luminous” lingers in kick drum-less bliss for the first five minutes, and when a four-on-the-foor thud enters it barely disturbs the rich sheets of cottony atmosphere. Kaiser Gayser runs to a hypnotic vibes of bouncing chords and tick-tock hi-hats. Not much happens outside of the lead-line, which flickers and shifts furtively as if is running through presets on his synth. The effect is casually gorgeous.

The title track is anchored by a hissing hi-hat, while the rhythmic backbone feels serrated, with languid synths stretching over its sharp surface. It’s a forceful release, the latest in what’s proving to be a solid year.


  • Luminous (Original Mix)                     RELEASE DATE: 2018-05-28
  • Luminous (Divine 2018 Edit)              LABEL: INSOMNIAFM
  • Luminous (DJ 2018 Edit)                    CATALOG: IFMR173
  • Luminous (Whales And Dolphins 2018 Edit)
  • Luminous (Divine Instrumental)
  • Luminous (Coincidence 2018 Edit)
  • Luminous (Etude)

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