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Joseph Capriati credits Carl Cox with changing his life

Italian techno giant Joseph Capriati spoke at length about how much of a positive impact Carl Cox has had on his career and personal life.

“I learn from Carl every day,” explains Capriati. “He teaches me many sides of the DJ life in general which I never experienced before.”

Capriati revealed he only met Cox five years ago at Space Ibiza and they’ve been friends ever since.

“Since I met him, I feel more calm, balanced, relaxed and I know why I am here. Making people dance is a mission for me.

“He just put me on the right path and I follow his example of how to play everywhere I go; the right music at the right moment and also living my own life the way I do.

“As a DJ, he is the best in the whole world. Nobody could ever manage again to do what he did or does right now.”

Joseph Capriati will be playing alongside Carl Cox for his new night, Pure Carl Cox at Privilege Ibiza, on 11th July.