Learning to appreciate the full spectrum of one’s feelings is the key to enjoying life to the fullest. It is no wonder then that he decided to name his label “Emotive Sounds” when it was created in 2005 after Andrea Martini had just moved from his native Italy to Copenhagen.

In 2015, became a resident of Insomniafm with a show called “Feeling Emotive”, a monthly radio show mixed and presented by international DJ and producer Andrea Martini, the man behind the widely acclaimed boutique label Emotive Sounds.

Andrea Martini
Insomniafm Podcast 109
Andrea Martini Insomniafm Podcast 109
01. Steve Porter, Eli Wilkie - Bubblebath (Guy J Remix)
02. Talal - Mercurial (Nihil Young & Less Hate Remix)
03. Saive & Kleiber - All Of Which Were Dreams (Original Mix)
04. Hibrid - Sanjam (Ilona Maras Dreamy Remix)
05. Andrea Martini - Hedonism (Paul Ursin Remix)
06. Victor Ruiz - Pulso (Original Mix)
07. Taylor - Moonwalk (Original Mix)
08. John Monkman - Xailo (Original Mix)
09. D-Formation - Balkia (Original Mix)
10. Andrea Martini - Altruism (Original Mix)
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