Gravity Waves starts mid-stride with a pure Techno mesmerizing dark atmosphere. The new star born from the volcano city “Gi Napoletano” is again on UNO.

Percussive noises ping-pong between the stereo spectrum as if caught in a slipstream, while the synths are layered meticulously, each strand made of shimmering gossamer. It hums along nicely, building momentum until it fades out and you flip over. Instead of continuing where it left off, “Lolla Tek” remix sounds like it starts from a random part in the same session, then cruises along for another 6 minutes. There are moments of beauty on Gravity Waves, with a production quality that lives up to this caliber of collaboration


  • Gravity Waves (Original Mix)
  • Gravity Waves (Lolla Tek Remix)
RELEASE DATE 2018-01-22

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