There’s no telling what the move did to Findike‘s music, which definitely has its own flavor. It has the sparseness of his new EP called “Hypnotic Poison” with different relationship with bass, reflecting a love of progressive house or perhaps the soundsystem culture so foundational in the Turkey. It’s booming and elastic in the brief trap breakdown in “Hypnotic Poison” and the mantric bounce which isn’t far from Insomniafm community that churned out young producers since it first gained international recognition.

It’s a good foundation for earworm flourishes like the woody clicks in “Obsession,” the flutey synths and heavy breathing accents and the sinuous tarraxo groove of “Purpose” adding frantic with an oblong funk that outsiders will have a hard time replicating. For Findike, the way his music rubs against other styles feels most exciting.

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  • Hypnotic Poison (Original Mix)            RELEASE DATE: 2018-03-26
  • Obsession (Original Mix)                    LABEL: INSOMNIAFM
  • Purpose (Original Mix)                       CATALOG: IFMR172

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