Findike comes with a mini album called Dunes and the tracks that show themselves in the glistening metallic sheen, wonky rhythms and beautifully discordant textures of “Dance of the Red Moon,” “Leave Yourself Alone,” “Mind“, “My Life” and “Stake“. They are riddled with a melancholic mood unique.

Dark Wood” and “Cage” are more techno cataclysmic and impressive of the lot––an off-cut delivering the album’s defining moment and its ultimate message. Dunes is about dancing, escapism and having fun, but there remains an unshakable sense of foreboding that lingers in all of Findike‘s work.


  • Dance of the Red Moon                   RELEASE DATE: 2018-09-21
  • Leave Yourself Alone                       LABEL: INSOMNIAFM
  • Mind                                              CATALOG: IFMR175
  • My Life                                           BUY:
  • Stake
  • Dark Wood
  • Cage

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