Falls Festival patrons have been sent an urgent text message warning of potentially lethal orange pills in circulation.

People attending the Falls Festival at Lorne received the text message on Sunday afternoon hours after management issued a warning statement through Twitter.

Organizers said the festival’s medical team had been aware that a dangerous orange pill was in circulation across Australia.

“Regardless of pill variation, we want to remind everyone of the potentially fatal risks that come with illicit substances,” the statement read.

“You do not know what is in them, how your body will react, there is no safe level of consumption.”

Management urged anyone patrons who were unwell or concerned to seek immediate medical attention.

It comes after the death of a man who took “an unknown substance” at a NSW dance rave and the suspected overdose of a man at Beyond the Valley, a popular music festival that runs from December 28 to New Year’s Day in Lardner.

The man, aged in his 20s, is currently in a stable condition at Dandenong Hospital. It is not yet known if the man had taken the orange pill Falls Festival organizers warned patrons to avoid.

Falls Festival is a popular musical festival that runs from December 29 to New Year’s Eve at Lorne, Byron Bay and Marion Bay in Tasmania.

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