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elrow launches its new theme for the Closing Party: Dance with the Serpent

Once again Amnesia Ibiza and elrow have formed an unbeatable team. The most fun party on the planet has found in our club the perfect place to exploit its potential. To celebrate their last party of 2023 they have chosen their most transformative and profound theme: Dance with the Serpent.

This concept, created by the Austrian artist NYCHOS, invites us to immerse ourselves in dance, music, connection with ourselves through movement and universal dance. Dance is a meditative state of transformation and synchronization, transversal to any time and culture and that is what elrow wants us to experience at the last party of the season. 

Amnesia will be populated with witch snakes, animals and spirit organs, as well as Medusa, Anubis, Nefertiti and Horus. Vibrant creatures that incite us to connect and take us on a journey through energetic colourful landscapes and portals to different dimensions. 

Of course, music will also play a starring role in this closing. International artists such as Adam Beyer, Bastian Bux, Joris Voorn, Sarah Story and Toni Varga will perform on the Terrace. The Main Room, renamed elrow City, will be exclusively taken over by Italian artist Ilario Alicante. 

A theme that explores the parallels of supposed opposites: animal and human, physical and metaphysical, dark and light, life and death. NYCHOS invites you to immerse yourself in the experience, make connections, shake off the old and discover something new.

What better place than Amnesia to unfold this concept at its best. You can’t miss the last elrow party of the season, an event that will blow your mind and immerse you in the mystical world while listening to the best electronic soundtrack possible. A night that will definitely leave no one indifferent.