A few days ago, the US festival community was informed that a 34-year-old Carlos Perez-Hernandez was arrested for stealing more than 30 phones during this year’s edition of Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando. The thief pulled the phones out of their pockets and bags around the main stage of the festival, and then put them in airplane mode to make them untraceable.

Soon afterwards, the Palm Beach Country police officers got into the hands of another participant of the festival, who significantly beat his colleague. 25-year-old Adeson Ortega-Rodriguez had 106 stolen phones and several credit cards with him.

A similar situation (on such a large scale) occurred during Coachella in 2017, where a man was detained with more than a hundred stolen phones. Such situations unfortunately happen at festivals all over the world, so we ask for two things from here. The first is not to follow the example of the mentioned robbers, the second is to bear in mind that you can witness/victimize such a crime and choose your festival outfits with caution.

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