Just a few days after the release of his first-ever film score for Netflix’s Polardeadmau5, via mau5trap‘s Twitter page, has confirmed he’ll be unveiling the third installment of his mau5ville album series Feb. 1.

The album will host a number of native mau5trap faces, including No Mana (“Quests with Time Limits”) and C.O.Z. (“Over”), as well as a number of official remixes from the likes of Mark Mackenzie, OFFAIAH, and more. Level 3 will also host another original collaboration between mau5trap’s fearless leader and Shotty Horroh (“Are You Not Afraid”).

The first pair of mau5ville compilations birthed now-hits like the Rob Swire-propelled “Monophobia,” (Level 1) and deadmau5’s long-awaited collaboration with Lights, “Drama Free,” (Level 2).

Deadmau5 – Mau5Ville Vol. 3 [Tracklist]

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