You wouldn’t think that EDM giant David Guetta and techno don Dubfire would be close friends, especially considering how far apart their music is sonically.

But in a recent interview for a forthcoming Dubfire documentary, the two stars sat down with Pacha Magazine and explained the origins of their lasting friendship, which began a decade ago when Deep Dish and David Guetta did a remix swap.

Deep Dish famously remixed Guetta ‘The World Is Mine’ whilst Guetta remixed Deep Dish’s ‘Flashdance’ and from then on the two stars have remained close friends.

Guetta actually credits the Deep Dish remix as a really important part of his growth in the early days of his career.

“I was really huge in France but I was struggling at a international level,” said Guetta. “It was the first time my record was playing everywhere because they were really hot at the time — so I’m really thankful for that.”

During the candid interview, which you can see below, both artists were asked about their concerns for the future of Ibiza, with both agreeing that they are worried about how expensive the island is becoming.

“It’s really hard for the workers to get board these days,” said Dubfire.

And Guetta agreed, stating: “The only thing that scares me is the pricing policy.

“If it going to keep on getting more and more expensive there’s going to be a moment where a certain type of kid can’t come anymore — and that really scares me.

“I love a mix of people and that what makes Ibiza so sexy and magical.”

Check out the enlightening interview between the two stars in full below.

David Guetta b2b Dubfire

While our music may be worlds apart, David Guetta and I share quite a history together, having met during my time as one-half of Deep Dish, and since, maintained a friendship and mutual respect for decades now. I was also thrilled when he agreed to sit for a candid interview in my Dubfire – Above Ground Level Film documentary which will finally see a release in November. David remains to this day a dear friend and so it was great to be invited by Pacha Magazine for their “Legends” series to catch up, reminisce and discuss the industry and our respective scenes.Read the full interview at #pachamagazine:

Posted by Dubfire on Sunday, August 27, 2017

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