The new EP ‘Progression’ marks the start of a new chapter for Blind Motive.

Hailing from Manchester but working out of their London based studio, the pair have been quiet with their releases of late, but still teasing unreleased material in sets throughout the year; that however is all about to change.

The 30th July marked the release of their first EP of 2018 – ‘Progression’ on IAMT, which has picked up support from Charlotte De Witte, Etapp Kyle, Chris Liebing and Sam Paganini, this record is sure to resonate with a range of fans across the genre. With more music in the pipeline, talks of their own record label and festival dates booked in all across the country, Blind Motive have plenty more to come before the year is out.

The boys said: We really feel this record is something we are truly proud of as it’s a brand new era for us and a sound we’ve been working hard at for a long time now. We can’t wait to share it with you all.


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