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Bestami Turna – Space EP

Bestami Turna is a real departure producer, aiming with each release higher and higher duo to the weave dense webs of interconnected grooves, balancing dark rhythms and modern bass music. His new EP called “Space” centers on muffled loops of hand claps and chants tied to an unhurried beats that will warm up a dance floor.

A spacious mid-range makes it fun to DJ with, leaving plenty of room for incoming and outgoing tracks in the mix. “Dreamland,” with its flute melodies and spacious reverb, contains whispers of classic dark progressive like “Jupiter,” though the percussion skips instead of stomping.

Including:                                                Buy from: Beatport

  • Space (Original Mix)                           RELEASE DATE: 2018-03-19
  • Dreamland (Original Mix)                    LABEL: INSOMNIAFM
  • Jupiter (Original Mix)                          CATALOG: IFMR171