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Bestami Turna – Blind Owl EP

Bestami Turna has streamlined his sounds, where the deep progressive has snuck up into the mix-downs have more air and depth.

Blink Owl EP is dark and withdrawn, its eerie synths suggesting a musique concrete influence. The kick of from the EP is “Blind Owl,” and is more boom to its kick drum and a bit more sizzle in the hi-end, not that that’s desirable; as it is the music hovers in a blurry between-space, soft but commanding.

The effects striking on “Nibiru,” thanks to slightly flatter drum programming and a mix-down that pumps uneasily with compression. It has the same twilit moods, the same woody percussion and the same teasing grooves it matches the mood one of end of the night redemption glimpsed but not yet grasped.


  • Blind Owl (Original Mix)
  • Nibiru (Original Mix) 
RELEASE DATE 2018-02-26