Armin van Buuren is getting all Christmasy with the announcement that he has released a Christmas carol.

The Dutch trance star has reworked his summer single ‘Summer Days’ into a Christmas carol with the help of the track’s original vocalist, Josh Cumbee.

“A few weeks ago, someone from the office asked me if I had ever toyed with the idea of turning ‘Sunny Days’ into a Christmas song,” explained the trance icon.

“A DJ releasing a Christmas carol is not something that easily comes to mind, but when I listened to ‘Sunny Days’ afterwards, I discovered that the lyrics do have some of that Christmas magic going for them.”

The trance legend then sounded out Josh Cumbee to see if he would like to rework his vocal into a more downtempo version which would work as a Christmas carol.

“I shared the idea with him and when I woke up the next morning at 6 a.m., he had already sent me a first draft, based on an unreleased downtempo version of ‘Sunny Days’.

“I loved it so much that I immediately sent it over to my record label (Armada Music) and less than 24 hours later, ‘Christmas Days’ was born.”

Armin van Buuren will be present on Ultra Music Festival 2018 for their 20th-anniversary.

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