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    Spinning all over Switzerland, Portugal, Malaysia, Thailand, Lebanon, Syria, Indonesia, Turkey, Morocco to name a few, got him in contact with artists around the world for him to start his phenomena Positive Vibes. In 2008 “Positive Vibes” was born, using the name for radio shows, organizing big events (local & International) and supporting the Arab music scene in hosting major concepts, Positive Vibes media supported DJs/Producers such as Marco V, Fred baker, Greg Nash, Sied Van Riel, DANJO to name a few. His radio show Positive Vibes also was born and became Global on various radio stations, hosting names like Matt Darey, Wally Lopez, Phunk Investigation, Exacta, Anthony Attala, Hyline, Federico Epis,Trafic, Hasan Rassmy and many more.

    In 2009 he became the 1st Middle-East DJ to play at the Famous Full Moon Parties at Koh-Phangan, Thailand. Since then island touring became a regular thing for him every couple of months, playing all over Koh Phangan, Koh Tao & Koh Samui major festivals and venues. Being based in Bangkok for four years, he appeared in most major clubs and radio stations around. Find more about the artist from: Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter

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